Shipping Terms of Service

Think of these Shipping Terms (“Shipping Terms”) as extra info added to our Weed Wonderland Terms of Service. They’re all about how stuff gets to you when you order from Weed Wonderland – like what you can order and what happens next.


If you use Weed Wonderland Shipping or agree to our deal, you’re basically saying, “Yep, I’m cool with these Shipping Terms.” They’re part of our regular rules, the ones in our Terms of Service. The Shipping Terms follow the same rules as everything else in there.


Shipping Policy

We send the stuff you order from Weed Wonderland to an address you tell us, as long as it’s in the UK. It could be your home, your workplace, or even your mailbox. Usually, it takes about 2 business days to get your stuff ready and on its way, but sometimes holidays and other stuff might slow things down. We make sure it’s packed nicely, and it’s sent by a third-party expert who knows how to keep things smell-proof. They even use vacuum sealing tech to make sure it’s safe during shipping.

We might run out of some things, or we could say no to big orders. It’s our call, and we don’t have to tell you in advance.

Billing & Fees

We use a money-handling pro (a “Payment Vendor”) to bill you for your Weed Wonderland Shipping orders. When you choose to shop with us, you’re saying it’s okay for the Payment Vendor to charge your payment method. They follow their own rules for handling your money, and you can check them out in their terms and privacy policy.

You’ve got to pay any fees we charge right away. Right now, deliveries are on the house. But later, we might add delivery charges on top of anything else we agreed on in the deal.

Final Sale Products

Everything you buy from us is a “FINAL SALE.” That means you can’t send it back, swap it, or ask for a refund. It’s yours as is. This goes for sale items and stuff bought with promo codes too. No exceptions.