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Who Can Order?
Am I eligible to order?
You need to be at least 18 years old to place an order with us. And, heads up, we can't take orders from folks in the United Kingdom (UK).
Placing Your Order
How do I order your products?
You can place an order through our website or using our Telegram Bot. Select the products you need, choose a convenient payment method, and proceed with payment.
Legit or Scam?
Is this a legitimate service or a scam?
We are a legitimate service. Our aim is to earn the trust of our customers, which is why we offer the option to order as little as 1G. However, scammers often entice you with low prices but require you to make large purchases. For a list of confirmed scam websites in the UK, please visit this directory: Scam Directory.
Order Quantity
What is the minimum order quantity?
We offer products in quantities as small as 1G to allow customers to sample our products before making larger orders. This also allows customers to test our service with a small financial commitment to ensure their order is fulfilled. Beware of websites that have high minimum order quantities, as they are often scams aiming to defraud customers with a single, large purchase.
Privacy and Info
Do I need to provide my real details, and do you store them?
We do not require your real name; we only need the correct shipping address to deliver your order. We do not store any customer details unless you choose to register with us.
How can I make a payment?
We accept various cryptocurrencies as payment methods. After placing your order, you will receive a wallet address and order total, where you can transfer funds to complete your payment. For more details, refer to our payment manual.
Do you accept PayPal or debit/credit cards?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept PayPal or major debit/credit cards due to the nature of our products.
Confirmation and Processing
What if I haven't received a confirmation email?
Our emails may be blocked by hotmail/outlook/gmail due to the nature of our products. To track your order's progress, we recommend creating an account with us and using an alternative email provider. Alternatively, use this to check your order.
I have paid, but my order has not been processed or canceled.
Please check if your payment has been sent and is not still pending. Transaction fees are often deducted from the amount you sent, which can lead to order identification issues. In such cases, please contact us with your order number, and we will process it manually.
Shipping and Handling
Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we only ship within the UK.
When will my parcel arrive?
All our parcels are dispatched using ROYAL MAIL's FIRST-CLASS service. This means your parcel should arrive the next day if ordered and paid for by 1 pm on a weekday. However, this is not always the case. If your parcel has not been delivered within 7 days, it may be lost in the post. This is rare but if it happens, please email us for assistance.
What will my parcel look like when it arrives?
Each of our parcels is meticulously hand-packed by our in-house team. Every order is triple-sealed and placed in a padded envelope, with only your address and a first-class stamp showing. The envelope is then fully sealed to ensure it's airtight and contains any possible smells inside the parcel.
Buying More Stuff
Can I pick up my order in person?
No, in-person pickup is not possible. All orders are shipped via postal delivery.
Can I purchase larger quantities?
Yes, you can. When you add a product to your basket, you can adjust the quantity you wish to order. While in your basket, you can edit the amount and update your order accordingly. If you'd like to place a larger order, please email us, and we will determine what discounts we can offer you.