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About Bubble Hash.

Bubble Hash, a refined cannabis concentrate, is crafted through a water and ice extraction method that harnesses the potency of trichomes. This process results in a pure and potent resinous product, often characterized by its granular texture and a spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The name “Bubble Hash” is derived from the bubbles that form during the agitation process, separating trichomes from the plant material. The end product is a versatile and flavorful concentrate highly regarded in the cannabis community.

Crumbling into Joints or Bowls:

Take a small amount of Bubble Hash and crumble it into a consistency suitable for smoking. Sprinkle the crumbled hash into a joint or on top of a bowl of flower for an enhanced smoking experience. Combust as you would with regular cannabis.


Place a small amount of Bubble Hash into the chamber of a vaporizer designed for concentrates. Follow the vaporizer’s instructions for temperature settings. Inhale the vapor for a cleaner and more concentrated experience.


Use a dab rig with a nail designed for concentrates. Heat the nail and place a small dab of Bubble Hash onto it. Inhale the vapor through the rig for a rapid and intense effect.

Mixing with Edibles:

Decarboxylate the Bubble Hash by heating it gently. Mix the decarboxylated hash into fats (butter, oil) for use in cooking or baking. Incorporate the infused fats into recipes for a potent edible experience.

Topical Application:

Dissolve a small amount of Bubble Hash into a carrier oil (coconut oil, for example). Apply the infused oil topically for localized relief.


Always start with a small amount and gradually increase as needed, especially when trying a new cannabis product. The effects of Bubble Hash can be potent, and individual tolerance levels vary.

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